The ACT Vegan and Vegetarian Society is a not-for-profit, community group that promotes a vegan lifestyle within Australia and particularly the ACT. The Society welcomes: vegans, vegetarians, and other people who are wishing to learn about and live a compassionate lifestyle.

The Society organises and attends community and social events, and publishes material to help people understand and see how easy a vegan lifestyle can be. 

Annual General Meeting Nomination and Proxy Form

The aims of the society are to:

(a) promote a wholly plant-based diet which excludes, all food derived from members of the animal kingdom;

(b) promote a lifestyle that causes the least possible suffering to animals and the ideal of a healthy, ethical and humane mode of life;

(c) encourage and facilitate co-operation between vegans and vegetarians throughout the world;

(d) co-operate with other organisations and people concerned with sound nutrition, positive approaches to physical and mental health, the preservation and improvement of the environment and the prevention of cruelty to members of the animal kingdom;


(e) facilitate the supply of vegan food;

(f) promote the use and development of animal-free alternatives for food, clothing and other purposes, for the benefit of humans, non-human animals and the environment.


The society believes that a wholly plant-based vegan diet:

  • is more conducive to health
  • is more humane
  • is fundamental to resolving the world food problem
  • creates far fewer demands on the environment


Committee meetings

The society is in the process of exciting changes in how we work. Our Planning Meetings occur usually monthly.  All members are welcome to attend. These meetings will be a space for everyone to share ideas and organise events. We plan to alternate with one month the focus being more on administrative/business things and the other month being less formal and a time to share and discuss more broadly.

If you would like further information about the society, if you would like to be involved in organising society events or would like to join the committee, please contact:

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The Committee

The ACT Vegan and Vegetarian Society is currently administered by 9 committee members. The committee members are:


Jyoti Dambiec (AnimalACTivism Collective Liaison)

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I became a vegan in June 2011. Prior to that I was a vegetarian for 29 years. I eat a 'satvik'  yogic diet, which excludes eggs, onions, garlic, mushrooms and alcohol - and  now also excludes dairy products. I have raised three children with my husband Dieter, who are all now adults and life-long vegetarians. I am a ceramic artist and until recently was an art teacher at Orana Steiner School. Things I enjoy: vegan and social justice activism, organic gardening, visual and performing arts, music, reading, meditation and yoga, walking, kayaking, bike-riding and social times with friends and family.

See 'Personal Stories' section.



Sara Vancea (Environmental Activism)

Mark White (Membership Secretary)


Tracey Lofthouse (Newsletter Editor)

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I am a vegetarian of almost 20 years and coming up for my 5-year vegan anniversary. I’ve been a member of the Society for about 6 years and on the committee for 5r, which I have really enjoyed and recommend trying. I love being vegan and feel it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. 

Going vegan was a breeze and I’ve tried many delightful new foodstuffs that I never considered before. I eat a lot of raw food these days and feel much better for it. I love the fact that my life choices do not support a cruel and oppressive culture of breeding non-humans for exploitation by humans and as a bonus they are far better for the environment. My health is great as well but for me the animal rights and anti-cruelty stance is paramount. I also enjoy singing, martial arts, travelling and spending time in nature, and was part of the committee that held the first ever Living Green Festival in Canberra in October 2011.


  Clayton MacDonald  (Environmental Activism)

 Dieter 1


Dieter Dambiec (Treasurer/ Mail Collection)

I have been vegetarian for 36 years. I’ve been in the legal profession for 28 years, including Master of Laws in Human Rights and Social Justice. I am interested in mysticism and expression of spirituality in world cultures. I enjoy all kinds of music, kayaking, walking, cycling, theatre, and being in nature. I have raised 3 children with my wife Jyoti, who are all now adults and are life-long vegetarians. I have been doing meditation and yoga for 38 years.




Jacky Sutton (Outreach Facilitator, Website)

I am new to Canberra, having just settled in ACT after almost two decades working in post-conflict countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan with the United Nations and international development NGOs. I am an expert in strategic communications, participatory training and change management and a passionate animal rights advocate - and, after 20 years as a lacto-vegetarian, I have finally bitten the carrot to become fully vegan. I am currently volunteering for Choose Cruelty Free as a graphics design consultant and I'm wait-listed as a volunteer dog walker for ACT Domestic Animal Services and cat foster caregiver for RSPCA.


Rowena (Online Facilitator)

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Going vegetarian in 1996 was the best thing I had ever done until I went Vegan in February 2011 after reading the Why Veg? booklet.  I just wish I had seen the light earlier!  I’ve shown PETA’s gentle but highly informative ‘A Chicken’s Life’ comic book to many people over the years and they are always extremely shocked and angered by what happens to billions of chickens each year.  It would be great to create similarly effective resources that highlight the wonder and plight of other animals.  In mid 2012, I watched Earthlings.  It strengthened my resolve and prompted me to write my very first song.  I adore being Vegan so I am proud to be part of an organisation that helps people make kinder, greener choices and live happier, healthier lives (as shown in the joyful song 'Wha Me Eat' by Macka B).







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