To become a member of Vegan ACT, create a free account on this website. To renew your membership, login and follow the prompts in the "My Account" page.

If you encounter any problems, please email Rowena at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Once registered and logged in, you will be able to purchase a new membership, or renew your current membership. Payment can be made online by Paypal (which instantly activates your membership), or offline by direct deposit or cheque.

Joining our Collective Email list is free to anyone.  Please click on 'Sign up to Our Mailing List' on the left-hand side for more info.  Emails with all our activities and other useful information are sent out once a week.  This is our main way of keeping people informed.  We also have a facebk site where many interesting discussions take place.  Click on the 'f' at top right hand side to get there.

NB:  Anyone wishing to join the Society must be supportive of the 'Objects' as written in the Constitution which appear below. 

* People who are not Vegan or Vegetarian but who wish to join the Society as an 'Associate Member'  must first contact the President and their joining of the Society will need to be approved by the Committee.   IMPORTANT!   Please DO NOT pay online until this process has occurred.  Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

$16 - Student/Concession Membership

$20 - Single Membership

$20   Associate Membership (this is 'non-voting' membership for people who wish

            to join the Society but who are not Vegan or Vegetarian)

$30 - Family Membership

All members will receive a welcome letter and a discount card/s to access discounts at local shops and restaurants.


The objects of the association shall be to -

(a) promote a wholly plant-based diet which excludes, all food derived from members of the
animal kingdom;
(b) promote a lifestyle that causes the least possible suffering to animals and the ideal of a healthy, ethical and humane mode of life;
(c) encourage and facilitate co-operation between vegans and vegetarians throughout the world
(d) co-operate with other organisations and people concerned with sound nutrition,
positive approaches to physical and mental health, the preservation and improvement
of the environment and the prevention of cruelty to members of the animal kingdom;
(e) facilitate the supply of vegan food.
(f) promote the use and development of animal-free alternatives for food, clothing and other
purposes, for the benefit of humans, non-human animals and the environment.



For upcoming Veg events around Canberra, we strongly reccommend that you sign up to our mailing list.  The form to do so is on the left of this page.  You can view our update archive...
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