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AnimalACTivism Collective  -  see the 'ABOUT' section of this website for info.

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    Online Stores

    • The Green Edge - Vegetarian and Vegan Shop Brisbane
    • Vegan Wares
      Vegan Shoes, Boots, Belts, Wallets. Repairable, Non Leather, Vegetarian. You can change the world by being a discriminating consumer. Choose only high quality vegan footwear.
    • Vegan Friendly Sneakers  yep, thats it.
    • Funky Pies
      Absolutely the best pies ever, do yourself a favour and order some! They're also available at Mountain Creek.
    • Vegan Online
      Our enormous range of products are delivered right across Australia, straight to your home, making being vegan and vegetarian that little bit easier.
    • Still Water Sweets
      Online store and shop front in Cairns. Delicious chewy vegan sweets
    • Cruelty Free Shop
      An online store created for vegans with a huge range of products delivered to your door.
    • Vegan Online 
      Online store based in Adelaide?
    • The Vegan Store
      Online store based in QLD with shipping Australia wide.
    • Vegan Perfection
      Online store in Melbourne? Dairy Alternatives: Cheeses, Creams, Condensed milk and more. Meat Alternatives: Slices, Sausages, Schnitzels, 'Fish', Jerky, Snacks & Pies.
    • Higher Taste Bakehouse
      Wow, vegan homemade biscuits based in Tasmania with flavours such as white chocolate and macadamia, coffee karma, passionfruit shortbread, chocolate mint marbles - delivery Australia wide.
    • Vegan Essentials
      An online store based in the USA, the range will blow you away.  Many products we don't see in Australia that taste unbelievable. Fast delivery to Australia available (cold products such as cheeses, tofurkey etc not shipped to Australia).
    • Vegan Shoes
      Here is a place to buy some fashionable shoes! With wow way pointy heels and for me some nice flat ones too :)
    • Braggs
      Amazing website, just the sheer Americanism of it!! and so Bright! but hey I think I am addicted to the soy sauce  tho I cant imagine how it got through the TGA with just soy beans on the ingredients, praps go on the Rose tour;)

    Cooking, recipes etc

    • Simple Vegan Recipes
      This site has been recomended by Ashley, her class has been studying nutrition online and they have found our links very helpful, thankyou Ashley and happy cooking :)
    • Holy Cow! Vegan recipes
      OMG look at these mouth watering pies, perhaps we'd best stay away from here..
    • Megan makes it Vegan
      Megan is here in the ACT and watching all those popular cooking shows and writing her blog, how to make these fab dishes vegan? Funny and informative highly recomended :0)
    • Veg Kitchen
      Cooking site with Nava Atlas, lots of great ideas even some lunch box suggestions for kids.
    • Happycow
      Restaurant guide and more
    • 'Manjula's Kitchen'
      Popular cooking site with You Tube demonstrations of the dishes.
    • Your Vegan Baking Community
      A vegan baking community with recipes, articles, web shows, tips and forums for people to compare notes and share knowledge.
    • Vegan Dad
      A blog with some great inspiration + he's made a cookbook and has a huge facebook following.
    • Post Punk Kitchen
      Vegan baking and cooking, started when a couple of friends decided to make a vegan TV show, you can see some of the episodes, they have a blog and they have a forum and much more!
    • Raw Food Australia
      Great write up on dairy, recipes to try, and plenty to buy!
    • Vegetarian Magic video demonstration of some quick and easy recipes, and if you add your email you can see a great Carribean Raw Food video.
    • www.rawfoodrecipes.com
      Looking for healthy vegetarian, vegan and raw food recipes? We showcase many of the top vegan chefs with trusted recipes, videos and more


    • Robert and Maryanne's Blog
      These 2 Canberran Vegans are reviewing restaurants and giving us plenty of ideas of just where to grab that next bite to eat!
    • Vegan Body Building and Fitness
      Amazing, at first glance I was overwelmed, but after a moment I could see lots of useful things including a magazine to subscribe to.
    • Vegans Are Cool
      A delicious collection of essays, interviews and articles by cool vegans from around the planet is coming soon!
    • Acoustic Soup Nights
      Monthy music vegetarian soup/food @ ANU Environment Centre. 'Open mic'- free meal in exchange for music.
    • Earth Resolutions 
      Karyn and Adsee's website. Karyn studied at the CSA and has some vegetarian artwork. (This website is under construction.)
    • Mercy For Animals Blog
      Interesting site with disscussions, comments how it is easier to promote from vegetarian aspect over vegan. This link to their T-shirts.
    • Bobby calves
      Action a page where you can make your feelings known by voting and sending out an email letter
    • Farm to Fridge
      Video footage we probably don't need to see, but handy to know where it is if you know someone who does.
    • Our Place On Earth
      Jodi's website, Jodi is often in Canberra with her dog Wayne, promoting animal communication and ethical treatment of animals. Recently she is walking to Byron Bay from Canberra to raise awareness and you can read her blog here.
    • Jodi's Films
      7 parts on you tube: Who is that on your dinner plate? The truth about life for chickens, fish, pigs and cows who live on intensive farms. A must see for all animal lovers! Suitable for the sensitive viewer with no violent images.
    • Australian Complete Vegan Products List
      Help build up a useful list of Vegan products by becoming a member of this Facebook Page and adding your suggestions.
    • Billie Dean
      s an Animal Shaman, vegan, animal communicator : my mission and  vision is to help herald a new era for animals.  In my vision I “see” a world of kindness and compassion, a world where no animal feels fear, pain or suffering. And whats more she lives in Braidwood.
    • Vegan Alcohol
      This is a useful listing from Veg Vic, but warns to check with the suppliers to be sure.
    • Deep Ecology
      Would you like to learn more about living in a deeper more connected way to our planet? (This site is written by an Aussie.)
    • Growing Veggies
      Here is a link to the Veggie Lady I was just reading an article about composting by her and thought it very useful
    • Vegan Parents Australia
      Social, Health, Blog, Forum...Vegan Parents Australia is an organisation dedicated to bringing together and supporting vegan families by facilitating events and providing guidance, support and information.
    • Supreme Master TV
      Lots of information, recipes, vids, veg starter guide, links to vegan radio... from a world wide organisation




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    'Little Chickens' Playgroup for Vegan/Vego Parents & Littlies
     ‘Little Chickens’ is a Playgroup for Vegan and Vegetarian parents and their littlies to connect and chat while their little ones play.   The group had it's first get-together on Wed 30th May 2012.  Please make contact...